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Whose Glory Is It Anyway? (5 of 6)
Series: The Glory Of God
Lenny Ports
2 Corinthian 3:12-18

Read 2 Corinthian 3:12-18

When Moses received from the Lord the 10 Commandments, he had to ascend Mt Sinai and come face to face with the glory of God who wrote with His finger on the two tablets of stone. He then had to put a veil on his face because the glory was too bright for the children of Israel who had just made the golden calf to worship.

Listen, when you think about it, the best the world has to offer when you talk about radiance and glory and shine is gold, silver and jewels.
The Glory of God is not to be compared with the trinkets of this world.

Read Exodus 34:28-35

First observation is when you spend time speaking with the Lord, the glory on your face will be evident to others.

How much time do we waste on our phones, talking nonsense with people, being too busy to even talk to the Lord? The answer is clear:
IF WE SPEND TIME WITH HIM, the radiance of God's glory will be seen upon us. IF WE DO NOT SPEND TIME WITH HIM, the radiance of God will not be seen upon us.

Speaking with the Lord means a two-way channel of communication. A time of talking to the Lord about what is important to us followed by a time of listening to the Lord as He imparts His direction for our lives.

2nd observation of this text is that those that have a guilty conscience will be afraid to come near us, when we have spent time with the Lord.

Remember this is the second time that God would write the Ten Commandments on the 2 tablets of stone. The reason they were destroyed the first time is because Moses in his frustration with the children of Israel smashed them:

Read Exodus 32:1-25

Aaron just completely blew it. I mean he was the one that God had chosen to go with Moses to speak to Pharoah. Remember Moses said I am not a good speaker, I stutter, I cannot tell Pharoah Your message, ''Let My people go.'' Here it is in Exodus 4.

Read Exodus 4:10-16 ...

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