by Claude Thomas

Text: James 1:5-8

U.T.: Wisdom comes from God

SST: James wrote to exhort his readers to trust God for

Thesis: The ability to live right comes from God.

M.O.: Consecrational

S.O.: I want my hearers to trust god for the ability
to live right.

Title: "The Necessary Ingredient for Real Living"

In the May 15, 1977 issue of Scene, a Dallas magazine, a
most interesting article was written by Kate Oliver. The
article concerned the development of children, or lack of it,
caused by insufficient play areas. She was concerned that
children without adequate space for play were not experiencing
life as they should. She stated:

Lacking proper play space and setting, a child's
growth suffers, he may begin to feel he has no power
to control his own life, and thereby lets the world
control him. He may sit and watch the world go by
because he lacks space with which to re-create for

Due to problems of life, over which he has no control, this
child might miss out on really living.
Now trials come to us all. And in the case of so many,
life loses its thrust and vitality simply because we do not
know the necessary ingredient for real living. James said in
1:5-8 that there was a necessary ingredient for real living.
He said the ability for a real life comes from God. Today, I
want you to trust God for the necessary ingredient for real
What is needed to be triumphant in trials, to be
victorious while living in a vice of difficulty? One
contemporary and valuable response would be that we need the
support of others. This would certainly be a great help, but
there are limitations to this response. Neither your family
nor your friends can truly walk in your shoes.
Another ...

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