by Donald Cantrell

Descent into Hell (1 of 2)
Series: Descent Into Hell
Donald Cantrell
Luke 16:23-31

I - The Logicalness of Hell
A) The Foolish Reasoning
1 - When you die that is the end
2 - God would not send anyone to hell
3 - This earth is only hell man will see
B) The Factual Reality
1 - The Logic of Heaven and Hell
2 - The Logic of God and Satan
3 - The Logic of Saints and Sinners
a. The Danger of one's hand taking them to hell
b. The Danger of one's feet taking them to hell
c. The Danger of one's Eye's taking them to Hell


In designing this sermon I was thinking about some of the most horrible places upon this earth and there are many of them. I found a list of the worlds top 10 most horrible places and the list was very startling and unnerving to consider. One of the places was ''Concentration Camp Unit 731 Manchuria, Harbin, China''. In this place the Japanese killed 3000 Chinese daily due to the Manchurian war. It is stated that over 250,000 captives died in this horrible Asian concentration camp. On this list is the scariest cemetery in the world, ''Greyfiar Firk Grave, Edinburgh, Scotland''. In this cemetery the locals that pass by feel cold air and a horrible stench and at night they often hear shouting and glass being broken. The number one place on this list is ''Auschwitz-Birkenau Concentration Camp, Poland''. It was in this place that literally hundreds of thousands of Jews were slaughtered and eventually over 6 million Jews were murdered.

I was looking at various reasons people don't believe in hell and the list is quiet intriguing.

Hell is only a metaphor
Eternal torture is not justice
Hell is a concept from brainwashing
We are in hell now - this is hell
A loving God would not punish people like that

The reality of all of the disbelief about hell is simple, the bible teaches there is a hell and Jesus taught that there is a hell; so ultimately that is enough to verify that there is a hell.

I have read a lot ...

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