by Donald Cantrell

Descent into Hell (2 of 2)
Series: Descent into Hell
Donald Cantrell
Luke 16:23-31

I - The Logicalness of Hell
A) The Foolish Reasoning
1 - When you die that is the end
2 - God would not send anyone to hell
3 - This earth is only hell man will see
B) The Factual Reality
1 - The Logic of Heaven and Hell
2 - The Logic of God and Satan
3 - The Logic of Saints and Sinners
a. The Danger of one's hand taking them to hell
b. The Danger of one's feet taking them to hell
c. The Danger of one's Eye's taking them to Hell
II - The Literalness of Hell

A) The Identity of Hell


1 - The Pit of the Rebellious (Numbers 16)
2 - The Place of the Rich-Man (Luke 16)
a. Visual Capabilities (Luke 16: 23a, and c)
b. Physical Capabilities (Luke 16: 23b)
c. Verbal Capabilities (Luke 16: 24a)
d. Emotional Capabilities (Luke 16: 24b)
1. His Request (Send Lazarus)
2. His Remedy (Drop of Water) (John 4: 13 - 14)
e. Mental Capabilities (Luke 16: 25 - 26)
1. The Memory of his Past Life (25a)
2. The Memory of his Painful Location (25b)
3. The Memory of his Passable Limitations (26)
f. Evangelical Capabilities (Luke 16: 27 - 31)
1. His Request (27)
2. His Relatives (28)
3. His Reasoning (30)
4. His Rejection (29, 31)
B) The Intensity of Hell
1 - The Mounting People
2 - The Massive Pain


In this portion of the sermon we will discuss the literalness of hell. The bible will be our tour guide and we will all stand back and allow the word of God to take us into the very pit of hell.

I am going to make a statement here that will not be accepted by many but I do not buy these modern day stories of people going to heaven or hell and coming back and sharing their stories. If you do that is fine, in Luke 16 Abraham told the rich man that his brothers did not need anyone coming back from the dead and speaking to them. I think I will stick to what the bible says, I do not need to here a kids story tha ...

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