by James Merritt

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Coming into Focus (2 of 4)
Series: Up Close and Personal
James Merritt
1 John 1:9; James 5:16


1. This is what most of us know as an ''eye chart.'' The actual name for this piece of paper is a Snellen Chart, and it is used to test your vision. More specifically, it is used to test how well your eyes can focus. At a distance of 20 feet, if you can read the red line on this chart, then yuou have 20/20 vision. Now, if all you can read is one of the larger letters, then this tells the eye doctor that your vision is out of focus.

[Pastor's Note: A PowerPoint slide of a Snellen Eye Chart is included in your support materials, along with a PDF version that you can print out if you do not have a video projector. These charts are also easily obtainable from your local eye doctor-consider if there is an eye doctor in your congregation who can help with this illustration.]

2. Do you ever have times when you try to see God and find God, but He is totally out of focus? Have you ever prayed and felt like your prayers were falling on deaf ears? Have you ever felt like God was a million miles away? Even though you are a follower of Christ, would you say right now that your relationship with God is distant at best? That may be just a feeling or it may be a fact. You may be very distance from God. That is the bad news. The good news is you don't have to be.

3. God wants you ''Up Close and Personal.'' He wants the most intimate, close relationship you have to be with Him. I thought it absolutely incredible to think that the Creator of this universe wants a one-on-one intimate, personal, 24/7 relationship with me and with you. The word for that kind of relationship is fellowship.

4. Jesus Christ came to planet earth to enable us to establish a permanent relationship with God that would lead to personal fellowship with God, but there is a difference between those two things.

5. Once you trust Jesus Christ as your Savior and become a Christ-follower ...

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