by Ernest Easley

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The Hindrances To Our Prayers (2 of 5)
Series: The Hindrances To Our Prayers
Ernest L. Easley
James 5

We are discovering these days God's gateway to spiritual awakening and breakthroughs and how we need both! Nothing is going to change in our hearts and homes unless God intervenes. And through prayer and fasting, we're seeing the intervention of God.

A few minutes after our prayer gathering two weeks ago, one of our members came up to me and said ''Pastor, tonight I was sitting in my chair praying, when suddenly somebody came up behind me, laid hands on me and began praying for me.''

Our member telling me this then said surprisingly, ''They prayed for me to be relieved from the stress in my life. I didn't know anybody knew about the stress that's in my life and furthermore, I don't even know who it was that prayed over me, but I'm grateful.''

Listen to this email I received from another one of our church members regarding the prayer gathering: ''I was leery of the event because I thought it might be a 90 minute time of praying and did not think I could be quiet that long, but the way it was broken up with segments, it kept my full attention. Then the hard part was focusing on ME. I wanted to wander with my prayers and mind about LOST folks, people with problems and people who need to CHANGE. I continually was reminded by the preachers and the Holy Spirit to concentrate on ME and me only. By doing this, I repented of a sin from when I was 18, the sin was holding a grudge against someone dear to me and I realized that I had never addressed my anger/resentment and when I asked for forgiveness Sunday night, it freed me. I have thought about that person all week and all the precious memories I have that were buried. I loved the service and am excited about talking more openly about my faith in God to others.'' God's gateway to spiritual awakening and spiritual breakthroughs is through prayer and fasting!

Several of you prayed and fasted for the Block ...

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