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Remembering The Sacrifice (4 of 4)
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Lenny Ports
John 8:34

Memorial Day
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We honor our fallen heroes today. Those who have given their lives in serving our country. We as a Nation and as a church say THANK YOU. There is no greater love demonstrated than someone who lays down his life for another. We know that those that have given their lives for our country have given it so that we can have the great freedoms that we as citizens of this nation enjoy.

If you have any family member, immediate family member (a father or mother or brother or sister or son or daughter), or extended family member that has DIED in combat or in any other capacity as a soldier in the armed forces, would YOU PLEASE NOW STAND. We thank you for your courage in releasing your loved one to be a member of one of the branches of the military. On behalf of the United States of America and the church of Jesus, THANK YOU!

Let's hear it one more time for our country's heroes. THANK YOU. WE REMEMBER WHAT YOU HAVE DONE FOR US.
You all may be seated.

Memorial Day is the holiday where we remember all those that have given their lives to ensure our freedoms as a nation, but we must not forget the One who gave His life to ensure our freedom - that is Jesus Christ.

We don't know what it is like as a nation to have our freedoms taken from us. My mom was raised in what used to be called East Germany. During the war she had to run from village to village to escape. She said they would hear the bombs coming in their direction, and they would have to pack up and leave that very hour in order to be safe. After WWII, Communism was infiltrating and my mom joined a rebel group (fighting the system) as they saw the Communists saying that Hitler invented things and did things that weren't true. They planned an escape from East to West Berlin at the changing of the guards. My mom didn't want her freedoms taken from her, so she came to land of the FREE and the home of t ...

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