FRAYED - PART 2 (3 OF 4)

by James Merritt

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Frayed - Part 2 (3 of 4)
Series: The Knot
James Merritt
1 Peter 3:7


1. There is a man in Chicago by the name of Slats Grobnik who sold Christmas trees. One year he noticed a couple on a hunt for a Christmas tree. Someone told him the couple was barely making ends meet. After looking at all the expensive trees they found a Scotch pine that was okay on one side, but it was really bare on the other one. They picked up another tree that was not much better. It was kind of full on one side and scraggly on the other. She whispered something in her husband's ear and he walked over and asked if three dollars would buy both trees, because that is all the money they had. Mr. Grobnik figured that no only would neither tree probably sell, but he could help this couple out so he agreed to the price.

2. They were so grateful. They thanked him and invited him to come by the apartment and see the trees after they had decorated them.

3. A few days later he was walking down the street to their apartment and looked in their window and saw this unbelievably beautiful Christmas tree. It was thick, well rounded and looked like one of those expensive trees you buy in a department store.

4. He knocked on the door, they invited him in and with a little bit of irritation he asked them where they got that beautiful tree. They said, ''That is not one tree, but the two trees you gave us.'' They then told him how they put the two trees together, back-to-back where they were thin, and tied the trunks together. The branches then overlapped and formed a tree so thick you couldn't see the wire holding the trees together.

5. Slats stared at that tree for a moment and said, ''So that is the secret. You take two trees that aren't perfect, that have flaws, that have their bad spots, that might even be homely that no one else would want and then put them together just right and came up with something really beautiful.''

6. That is exactly what God wants to do wit ...

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