by Claude Thomas

Text: James 1:27

U.T.: Acceptable religion described

SST: James described acceptable Christian faith as pure
and powerful, practical and perceivable.

Thesis: The Christian faith is praactical, pure, and
powerful when communicating compassionate concern
for those in need and clear convictions in holy

M.O.: Consecrational

S.O.: Challenge the hearers to apply Christian faith by
caring for others and holy living.

Authority: Direct / Indirect

Title: "A Cry of the Country"

In the early days of forming our nation one of the rally
cries was Patrick Henry's, "Liberty." We today cherish the
call to "give me liberty or give me death."
What would be the cry of our country today? Some tell us
we desperately need economic recovery. During the
Presidential campaign and the first six months in office, the
economic recovery has continued to maintain priority for
President Clinton.
Others tell us the cry of the country is for religious
revival. In Megatrends 2000, the authors say that the dawning
of the Third Millenium has unmistakable signs of a worldwide,
multi-denomincational, religious revival. They say "baby
boomers" are returning to church or joining the New Age
movement. This revival of religion impacts Judaism,
Mohammedism, Buddhism, and Shintoism as well as spin-offs of
traditional Christianity. Some say that the cry of our
country is for religious revival.
Others tell us that the cry of our day is for moral
reform. Deviate lifestyles, dishonesty in businesses, adn
crime on the streets cry out for change.
Many would say our need is for revival of God's people as
described in 2 Chronicles 7:11-14:

The Setting
When Solomon had finished the temple of the Lord and
the royal palace, and had succeeded in carrying out
all he had in mind t ...

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