by Donald Cantrell

Desperation in Facing Their Funerals (3 of 10)
Series: Ruth
Donald Cantrell
Ruth 1:6-18

I - The Lifting of the Famine - Delightful News (6)
A) News of the Stopped Famine - God's Goodness
B) News of the Supplied Food - God's Giftedness

II - The Leaving of the Family - Dreamful News (7)
A) Naomi's Heart was in Bethlehem
B) Naomi's Home was in Bethlehem

III - The Lingering of the Faithless - Dreadful News (8 - 15)
A) The Tearful Cry of Orpah - The Loudness of her Sorrows
B) The Tragic Course of Orpah - The Lostness of her Soul

IV - The Loving of the Faithful - Desireful News (15 - 18)
A) The Stubborn Conclusion of Ruth
1 - Refused to Turn Loose
2 - Refused to Turn Back
B) The Sincere Confession of Ruth
1 - The Loyalty of this woman
2 - The Love of this woman

Introduction: In this section we are going to see the repercussions of abandoning the good hand of God. The family has faced much greater problems than a mere famine, 3 funerals now behind them and the outlook may offer a ray of hope. The remaining women will make some critical decisions in this section of scriptures.

The Three Graves of Moab:
a. The graves were unexpected
b. The graves were unnecessary
c. The graves were unavoidable
The Three Girls of Moab:
a. Naomi and her evident faith
b. Ruth and her exciting fervor
c. Orpah and her eternal failure
The Three Groups of Moab:
a. The forgetful that ignorantly departed Bethlehem
b. The faithful that intimately desired Bethlehem
c. The faithless that indifferently denied Bethlehem

This famine was a terrible thing, but the three funerals would prove to be disastrous. Given the chance this family would have proudly taken their lumps in staying home and not running off to Moab.
Death and Public Speaking

According to most studies, people's number one fear is public speaking. Number two is death.
Death is number two! Does that sound right?
This means to the average person, if you go
to a funeral, you're bet ...

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