by Donald Cantrell

Depression In Naming A Name (4 of 10)
Series: Ruth
Donald Cantrell
Ruth 1:19-22

I - The Pleasurable Quest for Bethlehem - Enthusiasm (19)
A) The Identity of Bethlehem - ''House of Bread''
B) The Intimacy of Bethlehem - ''House of Praise''

II - The Piercing Questions of Bethlehem - Excitement (19 - 20)
A) The Name Reminded Naomi of her Previous Stature- Her Delight
B) The Name Reminded Naomi of her Present Standing - Her Demise

III - The Perplexing Quandary of Bethlehem - Emptiness (20 - 21)
A) Naomi Considered the Reason of her Leaving
Unseen Fullness
B) Naomi Considered the Results of her Leaving
Unsought Emptiness

IV - The Promising Qualities of Bethlehem - Expectancy (22)
A) The Breaking of the Famine
B) The Barley in the Fields

Introduction: In this section we will find insight of some lessons that were learned in the heart of Naomi. Upon re-entering the city of Bethlehem we find much excitement and enthusiasm for Naomi, she must have been greatly missed. In leaving for the pagan plains of Moab, Naomi and Elimelech perceived that they were as empty as one could be. This proved to be absolutely untrue; the family was rich and overflowing with bountiful blessings from the Lord their God.

The blessings of God are not always identifiable on the families' economical ledger sheet. One may misperceive God's blessings in the midst of famine and frail circumstances. The blessings of God are often taken for granted. One must not compare the valuable to the valued. The family needed food for their survival, this was valuable to them, but it was not considered valued. In heading home Naomi would have to admit that things were not as bad as they had assumed earlier. The reality of the past ten years proved to be harsh and probing on her.

Naomi and her Notable Name:
a. The past sweetness of her name
b. The present sourness of her name

Naomi and her Numbing Notation:
a. The past plight that she harrowingly found
b. The present p ...

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