by Donald Cantrell

Looking For The Right Field (5 of 10)
Series: The Hand of God Unknowingly Directing Ruth
Donald Cantrell
Ruth 2:1-9

I - Great Friend - One's Hope (1)
A) Recognition of Boaz - Their Relative
1 - Recognized for his Family
2 - Recognized for his Fortune
B) Relevance of Boaz - Their Redeemer
1 - Close Relative
2 - Capable Redeemer

II - Goodly Fortune - One's Hap (2/3)
A) The Prompting Hand of God Guiding
1 - Ruth's Human Need - What She Saw
''The Plenteous Fields of Bethlehem''
2 - Ruth's Heavenly Nudge - Where She Stopped
''The Particular Field of Boaz''
B) The Providing Hand of God Giving
1 - Gave Ruth a Wealthy Man
2 - Gave Ruth some Wonderful Means

III - Glorious Find - One's Hour (4/9)
A) Boaz was Inquisitive in Seeing Ruth (5/7)
1 - It was a Distant Look
2 - It was a Destined Look
B) Boaz was Intentional in Seeking Ruth (8)
1 - Sought Ruth with a Burning Heart
2 - Sought Ruth with a Bright Hope
C) Boaz was Instrumental in Supplying Ruth (9, 14)
1 - The Fields of Boaz Became Ruth's Fields - Gleaning
2 - The Food of Boaz Became Ruth's Food - Giving

Introduction: In this passage we will find Ruth heading for the barley fields of Bethlehem. The gal has no idea of which field to go and glean barley for herself and her mother-in-law. It is impressive to see the hidden hand of God gently nudging her to pick the field of Boaz. The divine providence of God cannot be explained nor can it be assumed; the almighty and his power seem to appear and flee as a sudden fog.

The Fields of Bethlehem:
a. The growing of Bethlehem's barley
b. The gleaning of Bethlehem's barley
The Fields of Boaz:
a. Boaz would have a look at Ruth
b. Boaz would have a liking for Ruth
Divine Providence

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