by Donald Cantrell

Landing In The Right Fold Part (6 of 10)
Series: Ruth
Donald Cantrell
Ruth 2:10-23

I - The Favors That Ruth Enjoyed (10 - 14)
A) The Humbling Question (10)
1 - Notice the Contrition of Ruth - Stooping
2 - Notice the Confession of Ruth - Stranger
B) The Hearty Adoration (11 - 12)
1 - The Work that Ruth had Performed
2 - The Wings that God had Provided
C) The Helpful Provision (14)
1 - The Select Seating of Ruth - Placement
2 - The Sure Sufficing of Ruth - Contentment

II - The Freedom That Ruth Experienced (15 - 17)
A) The Limitations That Were Revoked - Exception Demanded
1 - Unlimited Placement among the Gleaners (15)
2 - Unlimited Privileges from the Gleaners (16)
B) The Liberties That Were Reiterated - Extra Drooped
1 - The Biblical Laws of Gleaning - For Strangers (Deut. 24: 19/21)
2 - The Bountiful Load of Gleaning - For Ruth (17)

III - The Food That Ruth Exposed (18 - 19)
A) The Abundance of her Provision - A Full Bushel
''Gracious Revealing of Ruth's Gleanings'' (18)
B) The Amazement of her Presentation - A Fruitful Blessing
''Glorious Rejoicing of Naomi's Gladness'' (19)

IV - The Friend That Ruth Encountered (20 - 23)
A) The Kindness of Boaz - Greatly Received
1 - Naomi's Inspiration and Gladness
2 - Naomi's Instruction and Guidance
B) The Kinship of Boaz - Gladly Revealed
1 - Kinsman Redeemer Defined
2 - Kinsman Redeemer Demonstrated

Introduction: In this passage we are going to see that Ruth has landed in the right field. The blessings will come from a man that she had never personally met until this encounter in the barley fields. In landing in this field Ruth will end up in the right fold, for in this fold she will have her life changed for eternity. It was going to be a good day in the life of this girl from Moab. As Ruth walked along the fields of Bethlehem, she was nudged by an unseen hand and this nudge was going to change the history of the world. The hand of God is providentially working behind the s ...

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