by Donald Cantrell

The Mighty Boaz That Supplied Redemption (8 of 10)
Series: Ruth
Donald Cantrell
Ruth 3:10-18

I - Boaz Verbally Adoring his Future Bride (10)
A) Adored Due to her Dedication and Faithfulness
B) Adored Due to her Discretion and Chasteness

II - Boaz Virtuously Acknowledging his Future Bride (11)
A) The Public Knowledge of Ruth's Stable Testimony
B) The Pleasurable Knowledge of Ruth's Satisfying Testimony

III - Boaz Vibrantly Assuring his Future Bride (12 - 13)
A) Boaz would do the Required Thing - Due to the Mosaic Law
1 - The Other Redeemer and His Restrictions (Deut. 23: 3)
2 - The Other Redeemer and His Rejection
B) Boaz would do the Right Thing - Due to his Mighty Love
1 - The Favorable Words - Offered her Rest
2 - The Finished Work - Offered her Redemption

IV - Boaz Visually Adorning his Future Bride (14 - 18)
A) The Heavy Load of Ruth's Barley - Ruth Carried It
1 - Barley was for her Food
2 - Barley was for her Family (17)
B) The Heightened Love of Ruth's Boaz - Ruth Cherished Him
1 - Boaz Protected the Reputation of Ruth (14)
2 - Boaz Proclaimed the Redemption of Ruth (18)

Introduction: Boaz has finally been asked to redeem the girl that he has fallen in love with. It has been his desire to seek her redemption but it was up to Ruth to ask him to do so. The man is fully capable of fulfilling the role of her redeemer but he will not overstep his boundaries.

The law was given an opportunity to redeem mankind, but it only proved that man was futile in his attempt at redemption. Jesus Christ came on the scene and displayed love and a proven plan to redeem our lost souls. He came and dwelled among man for over 33 years and there was no flaw found in him, then he willingly died upon the cross for our sins. We can be thankful that we have an adequate redeemer.

Ruth and her Pointed Request:
a. The loss of Ruth required a sufficient redeemer
b. The love of Ruth request a specific redeemer
Boaz and his Promising Response: ...

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