by Donald Cantrell

The Big Finish of Boaz (9 of 10)
Series: Ruth
Donald Cantrell
Ruth 4:1-13

I - Boaz Requiring his Redemptive Seat (1 - 2)
A) The Gate of Bethlehem and its Relativity
B) The Guest of Boaz and his Request
C) The Gathering of Businessmen and their Requirements

II - Boaz Reporting his Reluctant Story (3 - 6)
A) The Pressing Problem and Need (3)
B) The Public Proposal and Notice (4)
C) The Pagan Participant and Nullification (5 - 6)

III - Boaz Removing his Relatives Shoe (7/10, Deut. 23: 6/10)
A) The Shoe off of his Foot - Denied his Heritage
B) The Shame of his Family - Despised his Household
C) The Spitting upon his Face - Disgraced his Honor

IV - Boaz Receiving his Rightful Signs (11 - 12)
A) The Witnesses Speak of Blessings
B) The Welcomed Signs of Birth
C) The Worthy Seed of Boaz

V - Boaz Reproducing his Regal Son (13)
A) The Lovely Bride of Boaz - His Helpmate (his wife)
B) The Lord's Blessing of Boaz - His Helper (the Lord gave)
C) The Little Baby of Boaz - His Heritage (bare a son)

Introduction: In this section we will see the redemptive work being done to redeem Ruth and Naomi. It is the only place in the scriptures that we see how the process was carried out. Boaz would not rest until had done all that he could to redeem the girl that he loved. In this setting we get to see the redemptive process up close and personal. I hope that we see the value of the workings of being a kinsman redeemer. The redeemer did not just lie around; he was very active in his agenda. The redemption of mankind was a wondrous sight to view. Jesus left heaven and came down to earth and for the next 33 years he was a very busy man as he was faithful in saving us from the devil and hell.

The Confident Intention of Boaz:
a. Boaz would intently seek
b. Boaz would intently speak
The Compelling Inspiration of Boaz:
a. Compelled inwardly - his affection
b. Compelled outwardly - his actions
Love Sacrifices

Two weeks after the stolen steak de ...

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