by Claude Thomas

Disaster Of Slanderous Talk
Claude Thomas
James 1:26-27

U.T.: Disaster of Slanderous Talk

SST: James warned the religious that an uncontrolled tongue rendered their religious service useless.

Thesis: The religiously right person will control his tongue and be powerfully productive in his service for God.

M.O.: Consecrational

S.O.: Call hearers to control their tongues and reflect on devotion to God.

Authority: Direct / Indirect

Title: "A Great Divorce"

James discussed a great divorce in 1:19-26. It is a divorce within the life of a Christian. When a Christian separates the truth learned from the truth lived, he perpetrates a great divorce within his own life.

James challenged his readers to unify the truth in their lives by hearing it and heeding it. He warned against being a "hearer only," and auditor, and challenged them to be doers. He called them to learn and live the Word of God.

How can we test the reality of our doing it? In 1:26-27, there are three tests: (1) The Danger of the Tongue, (2) The Deception of the Heart, and (3)

There are three practical tests which reveal the validity of your religious exercises. The first test is...

I. The Danger of the Tongue (1:26)

During World War II the government of Great Britain was concerned about the infiltration of enemy spies and the security risks they posed. To minimize the dnager, government officials placed large posters through the nation with this warning: "Careless talk costs lives."

The use of the tongue is truly critical.

Application of the Text
Proper use of the tongue is the fruit of wisdom. With the tongue you can bless God and build others. Careless talk-gossip, innuendo, slander, criticism- hurts people, severs personal relationships, and creates discord.

Explanation of the Text
James spoke of the Danger of the Tongue when he stated, "If anyone amo ...

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