by Claude Thomas

Text: James 1:16-27

Title: "Believer and the Bible"


There is a great discussion in our time about the Word of
God. Many books have been written on the subject. There
are conferences on the Word of God dealing with
inerrancy. There are conflicts over the Word of God,
whether the inspiration is dynamic, verbal, or plenary
In James 1:16-27, we as believers have a guide for
our attitude toward the Bible.

I. Eagerly hear the Word of God (1:16-20)

Explanation of the Text
James first set the groundwork for the importance of
the Word of God as the instrument of salvation (1:16-18).
As the instrument of salvation then, the James exhorted
his readers to eagerly hear from the Word of God for
direction (1:19). He gave the believers instructions for
hearing: (1) swift to hear, (2) slow to speak, and (3)
slow to wrath-- "clog lines."

Illustration for the Text
Ruel Howe, Partners in Preaching, states that less
than 5% of all laymen have ever had any instruction with
purpose of preaching or how to be better sermon

Application of the Text
In Bible Study and in worship services our attitude
toward the Word of God is this: to be eager hearers.
Eader hearers make the event more effective and more

II. Aggressively receive the Word of God (1:21)

Explanation of the Text
James explained in v. 21 that the obligation of the
hearer of the Word of God was to receive the Word of God.
He was calling the hearers to open their inner-self to
the Word so that they might become rooted in the Word

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