by Donald Cantrell

The Bright Future of Bethlehem (10 of 10)
Series: Ruth
Donald Cantrell
Ruth 4:14-22

I - The Portrayed One and his Family Nurturing - Obed (14 - 16)
A) Obed Reestablished Naomi - Her Heritage and Name
B) Obed Reinvigorated Naomi - Her Helpfulness and Nursing

II - The Prominent One and his Forthcoming Nobility - David (17, 22)
A) David the Last Seed of Jesse
B) David the Lifted Son of Jesse

III - The Perfect One and his Famous Name - Jesus (Matt.1: 1, 5/6, 16)
A) Jesus is the Real Kinsman Redeemer - He Loved Me
B) Jesus is the Righteous Kinsman Redeemer - He Liberated Me

Introduction: We are coming to the end of these studies on the book of Ruth. The scriptures end with the genealogy of this Hebrew family, in particular the tribe of Judah, concerning the line of David and eventually the line of Jesus. If not for the book of Ruth we would not be able to link the house of David to the house of Judah.

The book of Ruth links the past to the future, it is very beneficial to the historical revelations of genealogy. In this section we will look deliberately at 3 people, Obed, David, and Jesus.

The book of Ruth has proven itself to be full of mystery and intrigue. It seems as if drama is dripping off of every page and the vixen is in need of a hero to sweep in and rescue her. The hero that rides onto the scene is none other than Boaz and he is majestic in his abilities.

The story keeps getting better as the two get married, then they have a newborn son and Naomi helps to raise this wonderful boy, but the plot thickens as on down the road a little redheaded boy is born and one day he will be the King of Israel.

The Renowned Story of Ruth:
a. The beauty of her story
b. The benefits of her story
The Renowned Sons of Ruth:
a. The prominence of David
b. The perfection of Jesus
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