by James Merritt

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Taken By Storm (4 of 4)
Series: Supernatural
James Merritt
Mark 4:35-41


1. One of the most life changing things you can ever do as a believer is to go on a mission trip. Not only do you get to share Jesus with people who are hungry for the gospel, see lives transformed by the power of Christ, you also get to see and experience a lot of things you wouldn't otherwise. But, there is only one country in the world that I encourage everyone to visit whose very geographical landscape can change your life and that is the land of Israel.

2. To know that you are walking where Jesus walked, to be baptized where Jesus was baptized, to sit at the very top of the same hillside where He preached the greatest sermon ever heard, is something that will leave you spiritually breathless.

3. One of the most interesting places in Israel is the Sea of Galilee. There are tourist hotels right by the water, and in the mornings, you can take a boat ride across the sea from Tiberius to Capernaum where you can see the remains of a synagogue where Jesus actually taught.

4. The Sea of Galilee sits 628 feet below sea level. It is surrounded by mountains filled with deep ravines. Those ravines serve like huge funnels that bring cold air from those mountains into a collision with the hot air above the water. When that happens you have a storm, and those storms can arise almost immediately with less than a few minutes of warning.

5. Imagine being right in the middle of that sea, halfway across that lake, without any warning, literally almost in a matter of minutes the sky goes black, the wind began to howl, the rains began to fall, the boat begins to rock. This is not in Jesus' time-this can still happen and does happen today. You can be surprised, even shocked, in Galilee at how quickly you can be taken by storm.

6. In some ways that is exactly the way life is. You come home from work, excited about eating a good dinner, and relaxing in front of the TV, but you ...

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