by Claude Thomas

Hebrews 11:23-29

Introduction: If you were to list your greatest assets, what would they be? Cash, CD's, IRA's, real estate? You could list these and many others and still leave out the most important asset you could have -- your faith. In Matthew 9:29, Jesus said "According to your faith be it unto you." Life is a product of thought, and thought reflects your faith. The title of this message, "Way of Faith," implies that there is another way. The Scripture describes it as the Way of Flesh. It is the natural way, trusting in sight, senses, human wisdom and strength. The Way of Faith is the supernatural way. It is trusting, obeying, and relying on God. It is our choice between one position that is God's best, or one that places me in a position where I must struggle my way through life by myself and for myself.

I. Way of Power - vv 23-24

Explanation: Hebrews 11:23-24 reviews the life of Moses. It tells of his birth, growth and potential. After using his force to kill an Egyptian, he fled to the desert, where God spoke to him through the burning bush. Acts 7:30ff tells his assignment. He was to challenge Pharaoh's army; with what? Faith. God's way is not the power of force but the power of faith. Moses' human force caused him to flee, but genuine faith caused him to conquer.

Application: Faith - power to the Christian in touch with God.

Illustration: Samson/hair.

Application: Faith will give you the power to conquer the Egypt in your life.

II. Way of Pressure - v. 25

Transition Statement: The way of faith is a way of trials, suffering, and sacrifice.

Application: This is contrary to what we want to hear. We would prefer to hear that if we trust God all our troubles are gone ...

Explanation: Look at Moses. He left the quiet of the desert for the clamor of Egypt. He left the love of his wilderness family for the hostility and rejection of Egypt.

Application: Trusting God does not remove ...

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