by Donald Cantrell

The Destiny Of A Dreamer
Donald Cantrell
Genesis 37

I - The Distinct Reception of his Dreams
A) The Giver of Joseph's Dreams - God's Pick
B) The Greatness of Joseph's Dreams - God's Plan

II - The Daring Revelation of his Dreams
A) Revealed his Dreams in the Form of Inspiration
B) Revealed his Dreams in the Face of Opposition

III - The Disdainful Rejection of his Dreams
A) One's Foolish Expectation - Words of Optimism
''Inflators are Rare for the Dreamer''
1 - The Caution that we should follow
''True Source of our Inspiration''
2 - The Comfort that we should find
''Timely Solace of our Inspiration''
B) One's Fiery Education - Warriors of Opposition
''Deflators are Ready for the Dreamer''
1 - The Sad Source of his Opposition
2 - The Strong Stance of his Opposition

IV - The Delayed Refining of his Dreams
A) Consider those that Denied his Dreams
''Those That Supposedly Loved Him - Family''
B) Consider those that Desired his Death
''Those That Seethingly Loathed Him - Foolish''
C) Consider those that Designed his Demise
''Those That Shockingly Lied about Him - Foe''
D) Consider those that Delayed his Destiny
''Those That Selfishly Limited Him - Friends''

V - The Delightful Remembrance of his Dreams (Gen. 42:9)
A) Joseph Confounded those that Opposed Him
''The Deliverance of his Destiny''
B) Joseph Conquered those that Offended Him
''The Excellence of his Destiny''
C) Joseph Considered those that Overlooked Him
''The Resilience of his Destiny''

I - The Distinct Reception of his Dreams (Gen. 37: 5 / 11)

I was out getting breakfast at a local drive-inn and saw a woman wearing a shirt that read, ''If at first you don't succeed - then quit''. This is not acceptable for this desiring to achieve their God given dreams!!!!!

I hope we can readily cherish and achieve our dreams!!!!!!!!

A) The Giver of Joseph's Dreams - God's Pick

1 - God Planted Dreams are Achievable
2 - God Planned Dreams are Attainable
3 - ...

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