by Donald Cantrell

Seven Traits of Excellence - These Things
Donald Cantrell
2 Peter 1:1-15

I - The Promised Fruit of ''These Things''
''Godly Living is Rewarded''

A) Our Inspiration - Bareness (8)

1 - Excelling Fruitfulness ''Abounding Work''
2 - Eliminated Fruitlessness ''Attentive Words''

B) Our Vision - Blindness (9)

1 - Thankful for our Future Destiny
2 - Mindful of our Past Deliverance

C) Our Inspection - Boldness (10 - 11)

1 - One's Confident Salvation
''Needful Facts - Secured Forever''
2 - One's Concrete Salvation
''No Falling - Stumble Free''

D) Our Foundation - Blessedness (12 - 13)

1 - These Things will Establish Us
2 - These Things will Excite Us

E) Our Obligation - Blamelessness (14 - 15)

1 - His Leaving and Death
2 - His Legacy and Desire

II - The Personal Finding of ''These Things''
''Godly Living is Required''
A) Virtue
B) Knowledge
C) Temperance
D) Patience
E) Godliness
F) Brotherly Kindness
G) Charity


In this passage we find Peter nearing the end of his journey and he is going to prompt his audience to grasp the importance of his teachings. He is going to give them some insightful teachings on how to live an excellent Christian life.

Success is usually not something that just happens or is just stumbled upon. In football success can usually be attributed to those that make the less mistakes, namely in the fewest amount of turnovers, penalties, and interceptions.

I like how Vince Lombardi defined success, ''Practice does not make perfect. Only perfect practice makes perfect''. He also had this to say, ''

In this passage Peter is going to define seven key traits when added to our faith can lead us to a life of excellence. In this text Peter lists the seven traits, and then he tells us five different times about ''these things''. I find it interesting that in eight verses he uses the phrase ''these things'' five various times. If it is that important we should surely f ...

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