by James Merritt

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Fight Fire with Fire (3 of 7)
Series: Ignite
James Merritt
Acts 4:1-33


1. No matter what you do for a living every job has its drawbacks. Every job has its way of jobbing you and all vocations have their frustrations. One of the great frustrations of being a pastor is the realization that people are always looking for the perfect church. I can't tell you how many times pastors will hear people complain about something in the church, but they will always preface their remarks by saying, ''Now I know no church is perfect…'' But what you know deep down is they are looking for the perfect church.

2. I heard about a couple that came in one time to meet with the pastor and they were thinking about joining the church. They were candid enough to say to the pastor, ''Honestly, we are looking for the perfect church.'' The pastor said, ''Well, if you ever find it, please don't join it. If you do, you will ruin it.''

3. No, there is no such thing as a perfect church, but as you study the first church in the Book of Acts, it seems to be absolutely perfect. You cannot help but read about the church in the first several chapters of the Books of Acts and then look at the church today and ask, ''What's wrong with this picture? Why can't our church be like that church?''

4. So far, the church has enjoyed smooth sailing. God had kept His promise and sent the fire of His Holy Spirit down on the church and three-thousand people came to know Christ in one single day. In Acts 1-2 we see what a church looks like hitting on all eight cylinders. They were loving God, serving others and sharing their story. The Bible says they were having favor with all the people. The most popular institution in those days was the church and they had a 100% approval rating. They closed every worship service with that wonderful spiritual song, ''Happy Days Are Here Again!''

5. As we come to the next two chapters (3-4) we encounter a series of firsts. There is the first mirac ...

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