by Claude Thomas

Crown Of Courage
Claude Thomas
Esther 4:14-16

Introduction: Between 1337 and 1453, England and France had the 100 Years' War. English kings moved on to French soil and captured major cities. Toward the end of the 100 years, a young and illiterate peasant girl, Joan of Arc, rallied the demoralized French troops and led them into battle and liberated the city of Orleans. She was impressed by God that was her purpose -- to lead the armies of France to victory over the English.

After successful battles, she was captured by England, tried by a rigged court, and pronounced a witch, and condemned to burn at the stake. Her death inspired the French and they drove England from their land.

She was convinced of a God-given purpose and died for it. She was courageous! Today we will be introduced to two women of courage. One possessed ...

I. The Crown of Courage to Say "No" to Satan's Subtle Scheme, 1:12

Explanation: The setting of Esther was not in Palestine, but Persia ... modern Iran ... during the reign of Ahaseurus (Xerxes). He ruled from India to Egypt with 127 provinces. during the third year of his reign, he declared a six-month feast for leaders from the 127 provinces. It was a wonder to behold with all of the wealth and splendor on display.

Concluding the six-month feast, the king had a seven day feast for the citizens of Susa, the capitol city. They reclined on couches of silver and gold and drank wine from golden goblets! On the seventh day, the atmosphere was wild! It was the atmosphere of Judges 16:25, "while in high spirits, they shouted, 'Bring out Sampson to entertain us.'" They were looking for sport. In that atmosphere, Ahaseurus decided to send for Vashti, the Queen. She could display her beauty before the king and his guests. Ahaseurus was controlled by wine ... not wisdom, else he would never have asked her to entertain at the gluttonous and drunken debauchery.

Listen to her response, 1:12. She didn't say " ...

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