by James Merritt

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Man on Fire (5 of 7)
Series: Ignite
James Merritt
Acts 9:1-20


1. You hear a lot of people say a lot of times, ''Nothing surprises me anymore!'' Just about the time I believe nothing surprises me anymore, something surprises me. In fact, it didn't just surprise me, but frankly shocked, amazed, and astounded me.

2. There is a website called, ''Top-10-list. org'' I went to it to see what they said would be the top ten most important events in history. As I put these up on the screen you might want to in your mind jot down as many as you can think of. I want you listen to not only what they said were the top 10, but the order in which they placed them. Shock alert! You are not going to believe what they put first and you are not going to believe what came in at almost last and you aren't going to believe what wasn't even listed. Are you ready? Remember, these are the top ten most important events in history (from the beginning of time).

1. Signing of the US Constitution
2. World War I and World War II
3. The Assassination of Julius Caesar
4. Invention of the printing press
5. Invention of the airplane
6. The Declaration of Independence
7. The invention of gun powder
8. The discovery of the Western hemisphere
9. The death of Jesus
10. The death of Muhammad

Well, at least Jesus made it!

3. I want to submit to you that not only is this list badly flawed, but in my opinion the top four greatest events in human history are all found in the first five books of the New Testament. Two of them are found in the Book of Acts and three of the four didn't even make the list.

4. I would agree that one of the top ten greatest events in history was the death of Jesus Christ. However, even the death of Christ would not have made any list had it not been for the next three events that followed.

5. The next event I am going to list would make number one on my list and should make number one on anyone's list, if they are historically ...

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