by James Merritt

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Fire and Water (7 of 7)
Series: Ignite
James Merritt
Acts 10:44-46


1. You have fired up the grill, got some big juicy steaks on there, you are just about ready to take them off, some grease from the fat falls on those hot coals, flames spit up and catches your finger on fire. Sitting right next to the grill is a glass of ice cold water that you have been drinking on a hot summer day. So, finger on fire, glass of ice-cold water - what do you do with your finger? Exactly! You would immerse it into that water! Normally, water extinguishes fire, but in this case baptismal water enhances fire.

2. Believe it or not you would not just be finding a medical solution to your problem, but you would actually be illustrating a biblical principle. For a true follower of Jesus Christ, fire and water go together. Let me explain what I mean by that.

3. If you are just walking in for the first time today, we have been in a series of messages on the Book of Acts called ''Ignite.'' We have simply been taking a look at the early church and what it was like to be set on fire by the Holy Spirit of God. When a person decides to become a surrendered follower of Jesus Christ, God sends the person and the power of the Holy Spirit into that believer's life to enable him to live the Christian life. One major symbol of the Holy Spirit is fire. Interestingly enough when you study the Book of Acts every time someone was set on fire for the first time by the Holy Spirit, guess what they did? They jumped in the water. Specifically, they jumped into the water of baptism, but there is one difference. Normally, water extinguishes fire, but in this case baptismal water enhances fire. Stay with me!

4. We are going to deal today with one of the most emotionally charged issues any pastor ever deals with. If you grew up in a church where baptism in any form or fashion was practiced then you know there are two things that can get people extremely charged up and that is either ...

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