by James Merritt

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The Journey Begins (1 of 3)
Series: Missing Person
James Merritt
Luke 5:1-11


1. If I told you that God would send His son to this earth, that He would only live about 33 years and only the last three of those years would be how His life would be measured, what do you think He would do with those three years? Let's make it personal. Suppose from the day you were born you knew you would only live 33 years and that your life would be measured by only the last three. What would you do with your life?

2. It is indisputable that Jesus did more and accomplished more in the last three years of His life than any other human being has in a full life. In fact, He accomplished more than any other nation or kingdom in history. H. G. Wells, the famous author, one of the top historians of the 20th century said this about Jesus:

''More than 1,900 years later a historian like myself who doesn't even call himself a Christian, finds the picture entering irresistibly around the life and character of this most significant man….the historian's test of an individual's greatness is, 'What did he leave to grow?' Did he start men to thinking along fresh lines with a vigor that persisted after him? By this test, Jesus stands first among all who have ever lived.''

Someone has said, ''You can guage the size of a ship that has passed out of sight by the huge wake it leaves behind.'' By any measure, Jesus left the world's largest wake behind Him.

3. It all began with a journey that some men decided to take 2,000 years ago with this soon to become famous carpenter from Nazareth. The story we are going to read today reveals to us the two things that Jesus did in those three years that made such a difference.

4. Did you know we have a missing persons epidemic in this country? Reports of people who have gone missing have increased six-fold in the past twenty-five years. Every hour 100 Americans, both adults and children, are reported missing (that is 2,400 a da ...

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