by Donald Cantrell

Living In The Stone Age
Donald Cantrell
John 8:1-11

I - The Perfect Scenario (1 - 2)
A) Morning Time
B) Majestic Temple
C) Massive Throng
D) Main Thing
E) Marvelous Teacher

II - The Plotting Schemers (3)
A) The People that were Corrupt (3a)
1 - Corrupt due to their Hypocrisy
2 - Corrupt due to their Hatred
3 - Corrupt due to their Hostility
B) The Person that was Caught (3b)
1 - Her Adulterous Actions
2 - Her Avenging Accusers
C) The Punishment that was Commanded (3c - 5a)
1 - Punishment of her Partner (Lev. 20: 10)
2 - Punishment of her Personally (Deut. 22: 22)
D) The Plan that was Calculated (5b - 6a)

III - The Perceptive Savior (6b - 9a)
A) Jesus Stooping ''His Actions''
1 - His Silent Words
2 - His Suggested Writings (Jeremiah 17: 13)
B) Jesus Speaking ''His Answer''
1 - The Plain Scripture of his Reference (Deut. 17: 6-7)
a. The Mouths of the Witnesses
b. The Hands of the Witnesses
2 - The Personal Sins of his Reference
a. Sin's that were Discovered
b. Stones that were Dropped

IV - The Pardoned Sinner (9b - 11)
A) Jesus Lovingly Addressed the Woman (10a)
B) Jesus Mercifully Absolved the Woman (10b - 11a)
C) Jesus Gracefully Admonished the Woman (11b)

In observing this text we will find a woman that was caught in the midst of adultery brought before Jesus. The real issue of this text is not the act of adultery but the evil that was in the heart of her accusers. In reality these men had no concern for this woman's lifestyle; they only wanted to trap Jesus. The sins of these men were even greater than the sins of the woman. The accusers were supposed to be religious men but they were nothing more than mere frauds and religious hypocrites.

I am not so sure that our churches are much different than these evil men. We claim that we love people but we really only look for opportunities to run people down. Rather than trying to help people we would rather criticize them. Instead of loving them w ...

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