by Claude Thomas

Father Who Leads
Claude Thomas
Ephesians 5: 22-33

Introduction: Quote from "Newsweek" magazine article: "Sometimes news happens close to home. As Americans head into the 21st century, the family becomes one of the biggest stories of our generation. At one time venerated and vulnerable, this the most basic of societies' institutions is facing unprecedented change."

A recent commencement speaker at one of America's prominent universities said, "there's been a basic breakdown in family and moral values in this country and it cuts across all races and classes and political ideologies. I'm tired of hearing people say, 'Why doesn't somebody do something?'" - Lee Atwater.

Who is to lead? This responsibility is laid at our doorstep, men.

Characteristics of man who leads:
1) Acts according to Scriptural leadership
2) Acts with love that is sacrificial
3) Acts with loyalty that is supreme
4) Accepts legacy that is spiritual

I. Acts according to Scriptural leadership

Explanation: Note v. 23 -- "head" = authority, cf I Corinthians 11:3
What is the purpose of this authority? Dictatorship to fulfill ego? NO.
Leadership to fulfill purpose? YES. Purpose: to lead the family to a healthy, happy, holy experience of life.

Application: This is leadership that is:
non-transferable and non-negotiable

Illustration: "Buck stops here."

Application: This leadership is not transferable to government, school, or church. The leadership of the family was given by God to us, men.

Application: Successful fathers are fathers who lead.

Application: It is an inescapable responsibility, but it is a privilege to lead the family. We should be honored to do it!

Transition Statement: How are we to lead? Leadership comes from ...

II. Love that is sacrificial. vv 25-28

Explanation: Model -- Jesus. The relationship between Jesus and the Church is portrayed by marital union. Groom = Jesus; Bride = Church.
1) He loved sacrifi ...

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