by James Merritt

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Losing Your Baggage (1 of 4)
Series: Lost Baggage
James Merritt
Ephesians 4:31-32


1. If you travel by air with any frequence, it has likely happened to you. A bar-coded tag is placed on your checked bag at their airport counter and you watch it wisk away down a conveyor belt, presumably to be loaded onto the same plane on which you are about to fly.

2. Some hours later, you arrive at your destination, and make your way to baggage claim. There, you stand with 200 other passengers, waiting as the carousel went round and round almost magically spitting out piece after piece of luggage. One by one each passenger spotted their luggage, pulled it off with a smile and heads for their hotel. The last bag appears on the carousel-and it is not yours.

4. There you stand in the airport. No clean clothes, no toiletries, no underwear, nothing but the clothes on your back. Before you think you are somehow unique, realize that airlines lose about 26 million bags each and every year. So despite the terrible inconvenience, the reality is that you are just a small part of a much bigger statistic.

5. You might feel like the guy who was standing in line to buy an airline ticket. He stepped up to the counter with three pieces of luggage. He said, ''Ma'am I want this first suit case to go to Phoenix, the second suitcase to go to Seattle, and the third one to go to New York.'' Dumfounded, the attendant said, ''Sir, I am sorry, but we can't do that.'' The man said, ''I don't know why not. You did it last week.''

6. There is nothing worse than losing baggage… unless it is baggage you need to lose. The truth of the matter is most of us have some type of baggage we carry around with us all the time that we need to lose. It weighs down our relationships with our friends, family, co-workers and neighbors. Often, it destroys marriages, dissolves friendships, and damages our abilities to relate properly to God. That is why we are introducing a series today we ...

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