by James Merritt

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Betting the Ranch (1 of 4)
Series: All In
James Merritt
Luke 9:23-26


1. The table is set, dealer at the center. The seated players are dressed in tuxedos. On one side the evil genius with a patch over one eye. On the other side the suave secret agent with a gadget for every occasion. And the first battle between these two blockbuster movie titans will of course be… a game of poker. Have you ever noticed that all of the dramatic scenes concerning a poker game that you see in the movies and especially the old westerns is when somebody goes ''all in'' and they put all their chips on the table?

2. Many of you I am sure have probably played the popular game known as ''Texas Hold 'Em'' so you are familiar with the term ''all-in.'' At any time in a game a player can decide to put all of his chips on the table. He bets his entire stack; everything that he has to offer he puts it on the table win or lose. When a player does that he is saying to all of the other partners, ''I am betting everything I have. I am committing all that I've got.''

3. If you have ever heard the term ''bet the ranch'' that came from what would happen sometimes in the Wild West. Gamblers would come in and bet hand after hand and if they really felt like they had a shot at the big pot they would literally put the deed to the ranch on the table and bet the ranch that they had a winning hand. Back in the day you could literally take a piece of paper, sign your own handmade promissory note and bet everything that you had on that particular hand. Today it is known as ''going all in.''

4. For those of you who like challenges, you are going to love this series. We are calling it, ''All In.'' We are going to be giving you the same challenge that Jesus gave to His disciples two-thousand years ago to go all in to following Him, to go all in in being committed to the church, to go all in in giving Him everything that you have, so that in return He can give you the biggest reward ...

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