by Claude Thomas

Ephesians 5:18-21; 22-6:4

Introduction: To see with clarity we need to look through the properly prescribed lens. Today we will look through the lens of Scripture to get a clear view of family life. As we do, we will identify the primary problem that plagues our families and the potential that exists for our families to be a healthy, happy, and holy home.

Looking through Scripture, we see the problem of ...

I. Home where curseful condition disrupts the divine design.

Transition Sentence: To grasp the disruption, we must first see the divine design...5:31.

Explanation: God's goal: 1) loyalty, 2) intimacy, 3) unity. "Leave, joined, one." This results in a healthy, happy, holy home --- from Genesis 2:24. No fall, no sin, no curse.

Then...sin...freedom of Adam and Eve. Forbidden - 2:16, 17; Fallen - 3:6,7. After the fall, they discover the disruption of the divine design which resulted in a distorted relationship between the husband and wife. Personal - shame; each other - blame; God - fear and hide. Curse stated: 3:16-17.

Problem with woman - "desire" - from the Greek - "to run after... longing dependency." Finding ways to draw life from man as "source of her life" -- fulfillment.

Problem with man - "rule." In vv 17-19, man lost the God-given dominion over earth. So he tries to gain again... even over wife, too!

So, distortion - each demanding from the other so they can sense fulfillment, wholeness. But this is not possible because another human is not able to give wholeness.

Transition Sentence: We see this very practically today.

Application: Wife seeking fulfillment from husband, yet wanting to be free... to control her own life. Husband trying to get control over career and wife. Deadlock - seeking control.

Application: Same old expressions of:
1) Self - wife --- extreme of "radical feminist movement
husband --- extreme of "wife abuse."
2) Rights -wife --- "I'm a ...

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