by James Merritt

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Skin in the Game (3 of 4)
Series: All In
James Merritt
Malachi 3:6-12


1. One of the richest men in the United States is Warren Buffet, who is probably the most famous investor in modern times. He said that in his experience the high-ranking insiders and corporate leaders who do the best job in running their company are those people who invest heavily in their own stock. He said the higher up you go on the corporate ladder the more you ought to have ''Skin In The Game.''

2. If you are a college football fan, whatever your team might be, you probably at one time or another have or have considered season tickets. Most large colleges actually have ''booster dues'', which are fees you pay to be a supporter of the football team, when then allows you to buy season tickets. Most people who attend football games regularly can be said to have ''skin in the game''. They've put their dollars behind the passion they have for their team. When it comes to your team, can it be said of you that you are ''all in''?

3. We are in a series of messages we are calling, ''All-In'' because a whole-hearted Savior is not interested in half-hearted followers. Our theme verse is,
''And he said to all, 'If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me.''' (Luke 9:23, ESV)

You really shouldn't expect God to expect anything less. When God sent Jesus Christ He went all-in. When Jesus died on the cross He went all-in. Jesus gave all of His life for us and He wants us to give all of our life to Him.

4. To state the obvious, you can't go all-in if you keep some out. All includes your money. Today, we are going to deal with the biggest single obstacle that followers of Jesus Christ have, I believe, to going all in and that is their finances. The last time we did a baby dedication at our church I got to thinking it is easier for us to dedicate our children to God than it is to dedicate our money. In one sense I understand ...

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