by Ernest Easley

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The Hindrances To Our Prayers (1 of 5)
Series: The Hindrances To Our Prayers
Ernest L. Easley
James 4:3

I overheard a couple of our men talking this week about last Sunday night's prayer gathering. One of them was there and the other one was not there. So, the man not there asked, ''So, tell me about the prayer gathering, how was it?''

His friend stammered and stuttered for a moment and said, ''It's hard to describe in words a prayer gathering of over 450 people, many of whom were fasting, on their faces crying out to God for spiritual breakthroughs and for spiritual awakening.''

After the prayer gathering was over, a woman came up to me and said, ''Pastor, tonight I was sitting in my chair praying, when suddenly somebody came up behind me, laid hands on me and began praying for me.'' She said, ''They prayed for me to be relieved from the stress in my life.'' And THEN she said, ''I didn't know anyone even knew about the stress that's in my life and furthermore, I don't even know who the lady was who prayed over me.''

Trying to describe last Sunday night's prayer gathering to somebody not there, would be like the Apostle's trying to describe Pentecost to somebody who wasn't there. You can try, but you really just had to be there!

I can tell you this: for many who attended the Sunday night, October 19th ''The Prayer Gathering'' will be that day in their life that they will be referring to the rest of their life: ''That's the night I experience a spiritual breakthrough. That night at RSBC when all those people filled the room crying out to God …

*that's when my life took a turn,
*that's when my marriage took a turn,
*that's when my walk with God took a turn.

God showed up then spoke up and then showed off and we will never be same because He did.

One of our young adult couples who participated in the prayer gathering Sunday night came burdened and laid their burden upon God and cried out Him for help. The young husband had been lookin ...

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