by James Merritt

The Gift that Keeps on Giving
James Merritt
Acts 20:35


1. Let me begin with a story of a Christmas that a certain young man would never forget. It was the first time that he had been given money by his parents so he could go and buy them a Christmas gift. For several years he was always getting something from his parents, but never giving anything to his parents. He finally realized one day, ''Something is wrong with this picture.''

2. Being too young to work and not being smart enough to ask for an allowance he went to his mom and dad and offered to do some extra work around the house in exchange for money so he could buy them some Christmas gifts. In essence, he didn't wind up doing anything more than he was normally asked to do and he got the money anyway.

3. His motives started out right, but then he got in the way and this is what happened. He went to the store to buy them something, but he couldn't figure out what to get them. he really didn't have enough money to buy them anything like clothes or other things they might be able to use. he looked at the few dollars he had in his hand and he asked himself this question, ''What would I want?''

4. He bought both his parents a long string of individually wrapped balls of bubble-gum and a Milky Way apiece. He carefully wrapped each gift and put them under the tree.

5. On Christmas morning when his parents opened up their gifts their faces said it all. It was the look that simply said, ''We think we just got the short end of the stick.'' His mother being the tender-hearted person that she is smiled and simply said, ''Thank you so much for the gift son, but you can have it.'' That made him very happy.

6. His dad, however, was something else. He tossed the gum over to his son mumbling something and put the Milky Way in his shirt pocket. Not being satisfied and mustering up all the courage that he could he looked at his dad in the spirit of Christmas and said, ''Dad, can I have y ...

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