by Claude Thomas

Acts 4:29-31

Introduction: Storms can cause crashes when airplanes are in flight. There are storms that can cause attitude crashes if they are not handled.

One of those storms is the "Fear of Failure." A church growth leader at a conference asked, "What keeps you from building a great work for God?" The Number one answer: "Fear of Failure."

Failure - we hide it --- deny it --- fear it --- ignore it --- and hate it. We do everything but face it --- and handle it!

When reading about the lives of great people, one consistent fact in the experience of all of them is the presence of failure. They failed, but this did not make them failures. The man who never made a mistake never did anything. Failure is a necessary step toward success. Failures are fingerprints on the road to achievement. We can "fail forward" toward success.

Illustration: Abraham Lincoln
Difficult childhood
Less than one year formal schooling
Failed in business in 1831
Defeated for legislature in 1832
Failed in business in 1833
Elected to legislature in 1834
Fiancee died in 1835
Defeated for Speaker in 1838
Defeated for Elector in 1840
Married - wife a burden - in 1842
Only one of four sons lived past 18
Defeated for Congress in 1843
Elected to Congress in 1846
Defeated for Congress in 1848
Defeated for Senate in 1855
Defeated for Vice President in 1856
Defeated for Senate in 1858
Elected President in 1860

When you believe the right to fail and the right to succeed are both important, you are on the way to dealing with the Fear of Failure.

Four Steps to Handling Fear of Failure
Acts 4:29-31 (set up context)

I. Understand God sees the threats to success. - v.29

Explanation: "Lord, behold their threats" -- apostles declared the power of resurrected life. Men spiritu ...

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