by Claude Thomas

I Corinthians 1:22-24

Introduction: James S Stewart, the great Scottish preacher and noted professor of New
Testament at the University of Edinburgh, wrote in River of Life that man often
makes two major demands of God. One demand is for intervention and the other
is for interpretation. Paul said man sought that from God. In I Corinthians 1:22-24, he said the Jews required a sign - that's intervention, and the Greeks sought wisdom - that's interpretation. Listen to the text. The text specifies man's requirements of God, God's response, and then man's reactions to God's response.

Transition Statement: First, there are man's often made demands...

I. Man's requirements of God

Explanation: Demand for intervention - "ACTION." "Jews require a sign." This
was their way. They wanted a demonstration of God's power.

Application: Man still seeks a sign - looking for God to do something - heal the
sick, raise the dead, stop the wars, deliver the drug addict, repair the
breaking home, heal the hurting heart...in other words, "God, do

Explanation: Demand for interpretation - "explanation." "Greeks seek after
wisdom." This was their way. They sought a rational explanation of divine

Application: "If only I could make sense out of life's jumbled patterns!" That's
the cry of modern man. "My husband of twenty years leaves without a
word and I am alone, my baby died, I've lost my job - and Lord, I dont
understand." In other words, "God, tell me something."

Transition Statement: How does God respond to the cry of man? He answers
with a cross!

II. God's response to man's cry - the cross!

Explanation: In verse 23a, Paul declared "We preach Christ crucified." In verse
24 the preaching of Christ is "the power and wisdom of God." The cross,
said Paul, was God's response to man's cry for God to do something -- an
intervention, an action, a demonstration o ...

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