by Donald Cantrell

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Debilitating Disease (2 of 2)
Series: Dwelling In The Land Of Desperation
Donald Cantrell
Mark 5:25-34

I - The Woman and her Strange Sickness ''Diseased'' (25)
A) The Life of this Woman ''She was somebody that was Sick''
a. The Diagnosis - Unclean
b. The Discomfort - Unchanged
B) The Length of her Worries ''She was somebody that was suffering''
a. The Duration
b. The Drain

II - The Woman and her Sorrowful Search ''Drained'' (26)
A) The Damage of her Remedies ''Medical Failure''
B) The Depletion of her Resources ''Meager Finances''
C) The Demise of her Recovery ''Morbid Frailty''

III - The Woman and her Shining Stance ''Dared'' (27 - 28)
(Touched: to lay hold of, adhere to, fasten one too, and cling too)
A) The Testimonies that Inspired Her ''Public Record''
B) The Target that Ignited Her ''Pointed Resolve''

IV - The Woman and her Swift Sensation ''Delivered'' (29)
A) It was a Phenomenal Touch ''Immediate Feeling''
B) It was a Personal Touch ''Individual Freedom''

V - The Woman and her Sovereign Savior ''Detected'' (30 - 32)
A) Christ Confronted her Desire
B) Christ Confirmed her Deliverance

VI - The Woman and her Supreme Salvation ''Delighted (33 - 34)
A) Her Personal Confession And Courage
B) Her Powerful Change And Cure


We are now going to look at the 2nd sermon in this series on ''Dwelling in the Land of Desperation''. The first sermon dealt with Jairus the religious leader of Capernaum. He was dwelling in desperation due to his ''dying daughter''. In this particular passage we find this woman that was also dwelling in desperation due to her ''debilitating disease''.

This is like a parenthetical pause in this story; Jesus was on his way to heal the daughter of Jairus, but suddenly pauses to heal this woman. I find this to be a striking portrait of his life, his goal was to get to Calvary; but on his way he was always healing or helping people.

-Jairus daughter was 12 - the woman had her dise ...

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