by James Merritt

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The Middle East (1 of 4)
Series: Breaking News
James Merritt
Genesis 12; 15; 22


1. We are in a series called ''Breaking News.'' Pick up your newspaper, go on-line, turn on the tv or the radio, hit a website on the internet and you are likely to hear one of these items talked about frequently if not regularly. There is one region of the world that is guaranteed to be in the news practically every single day. This region is very important to you, and to your family, and to our nation, and to our world primarily for one reason. This region is the number one reason why there will never be a pervasive, permanent peace in the world.

2. Over a decade ago on September 11, 2001, the world was plunged into what President George W. Bush labeled, ''The War on Terror.'' I realize the politically correct crowd refrains from using that word, but that is indeed what we were in. I want to make a prediction. This is a war that will never completely end until the world does. I know that because it is a war that has been going on in practicality for well over 4,000 years and the war has its roots in this region.

3. It is the hot-bed of terrorism, a caldron of violence, and a rumbling volcano of hatred that constantly erupts in rivers of bloodshed. It is the region known as the ''Middle East.'' It stretches from Egypt to Iran. It includes countries such as: Israel, Jordan, Syria, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia. It is a place where they have six days of unrest and on the seventh day even more unrest.

4. Don't be fooled. Even though we are physically and geographically separated by thousands and thousands of miles, this region affects our lives so much that it may as well be next door. The problem centers around one place, two peoples, and three persons. The place is Israel. The peoples are the Jews and the Arabs. The persons are Abraham, Jesus, and Mohammed.

5. The reason why the Middle-East is so important to us and the reason why there is constant trouble, t ...

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