by Donald Cantrell

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Bethlehem's Banner - The Star's Song (5 of 5)
Series: Christmas
Donald Cantrell
Matthew 2:1-12

I - The Special Significance of this Star
''Redemptive Revelation and Phenomenon''
Journey that this Star Prompted
Jeopardy that this Star Provoked
Jealousy that this Star Produced
Joy that this Star Provided

II - The Sovereign Subject of this Star
''Collective Adoration and Praise''
Star Mobilized a Plan
Star Organized a People
Star Emphasized a Place
Star Symbolized a Person

III - The Scriptural Suggestion of this Star
''Interpretive Consideration and Practicality''
Previous Introduction of this Light

1 - Moses and the Burning Bush
2 - Light that Led Israel in the Wilderness
3 - Israel Murmuring in the Wilderness
4 - God reveals himself to Israel at Sinai
5 - Moses takes others with him up Sinai
6 - Moses on Mount Sinai
7 - Moses and the Wilderness Tabernacle
8 - Israel at Mount Horeb
9 - Solomon Dedicating the Temple
10 - Isaiah in the Temple
11 - Book of Revelation

Obvious Interpretation of this Light

1 - Star and its Various Myths
2 - Star and its Virtual Meaning
3 - Star and its Virtuous Majesty

Momentous Inspiration of this Light


When God created the world he just stepped out of eternity and spoke everything into existence. If we look at the next significant event in the history of mankind we will see that when it was time for it to begin raining God just spoke and the flood was heralded upon the earth.

Upon beginning the nation of Israel God chose him a man and woman that were well passed the time of bearing children, but when he so desired God spoke and the family birthed a child at the chosen time. At the chosen time to lead the children of Israel out of 400 years of Egyptian bondage, God spoke and sent a man to lead Israel to the Promised Land.

Israel desired them a king so they could be like every other nation, so they chose Saul to be that king. In the coming days Saul disgraced ...

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