by Donald Cantrell

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Bethlehem's Blessing - The Sinner's Song (4 of 5)
Series: Christmas
Donald Cantrell
Matthew 1:18-25

I - Joseph and his Present Anxiety (18 - 19)
''Hurt of Joseph's Heart''

A) Issue of his Espousal and Testimony (18)
B) Influx of his Emotions and Thoughts (19)

II - Angel and his Peaceful Clarity (20 - 23)
''Delight of Joseph's Dream''

A) Clarity Concerning the Seed (20)
''Word that was Helpful''
B) Clarity Concerning the Son (21)
''Word that was Insightful''
C) Clarity Concerning the Scriptures (22 - 23)
''Word that was Faithful''

III - Jesus and his Pronounced Superiority (24 - 25)
''Openness of Joseph's Obedience''

A) Faithful Man
''The Course is Plainly Noted''
B) Fantastic Moment
''The Child is Prophetically Named''


In this message we will look at the Blessing that came from the little city of Bethlehem. The little baby boy that was born on that night so long ago was sent from God to man to be a beautiful blessing for all of mankind.

The child would be called Jesus and in understanding this notable name we see that he is come to offer salvation to the entire world. The entire world will be impacted by the birth of this boy. He will offer salvation to every single human being, the very thought is overwhelming.

God had a distinct plan in mind when he sent forth his son. It was not just something that occurred but it was precisely crafted so that the world would have a savior that could allow man to be once again in good standing with God. The 400 years of silence will now be pushed loudly to the side; God would now boldly speak to mankind.

The thing I like about this particular passage is that it gives us the story from the perspective of Joseph. I think that Joseph was one of the Godliest men that we find in the bible. This man not only loved Mary; but he loved God in a unique way. I find it so awesome how that God sends his angel to discuss the matter with Joseph.

The bible doesn't give us mu ...

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