by Donald Cantrell

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Bethlehem's Brightest - The Seeker's Song (3 of 5)
Series: Christmas
Donald Cantrell
Matthew 2:1-12

I - The Wisemen and their Identification (1)
''Men of Fabulous Faith''

A) Misperception of this Group
B) Location of this Group
C) Vocation of this Group

II - The Wisemen and their Question (2 - 8)
''Men of Insightful Inquiry''

A) The Prophetic Word (2, Numbers 24: 17)

1 - Rising Star ''Kingly Authenticity''
2 - Royal Scepter ''Kingly Authority''

B) The Perplexing Worries (3 - 6)

1 - Concern of City is Noted (3)
2 - Conception of Christ is Needful (4 - 6)

C) The Private Wizardry (7 - 8)

1 - Diligence of the Stars Appearance (7)
2 - Deception of the Saviors Adoration (8)

III - The Wisemen and their Jubilation (9 - 10)
''Men of Gleeful Gladness''

A) Star Guided Their Journey ''Precisely'' (9)
B) Star Gladdened Their Joy ''Passionately'' (10)

IV - The Wisemen and their Adoration (11)
''Men of Thankful Treasures''

A) Wisemen Worshipfully Stooping
B) Wisemen Willfully Sharing

1 - Gold ''The Royalty of Christ''
2 - Frankincense ''The Divinity of Christ''
3 - Myrrh ''The Humanity of Christ''

V - The Wisemen and their Transformation (12)
''Men of Certified Change''

A) Wisemen and their Disturbing Dream
B) Wisemen and their Different Departure


In this sermon we will see the awesome story of the Wisemen. We will notice that they set the city of Jerusalem upside down. The men boldly enter into the city and promptly approach King Herod and inquire the whereabouts of the King of the Jews.

One thing that cannot be spoken concerning these men is that they were not afraid to speak the truth. I admire the fervor of these men in telling it plainly and boldly. It would have been an awesome sight to see the face of Herod as he hears their story.

The Wisemen were going on a lengthy vacation and the journey would be well worth their time and effort. I am sure you can identify with some o ...

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