by Jerry Watts

Finals Words
Jerry Watts
Colossians 4:7-18

Let me begin tonight with a truth with few, if any, will argue with. We may not like it, but we know it to be the truth; ''One day YOU (everybody) will leave this life.'' The unknown and mysterious questions about this are ''how'' and ''when.'' In God's amazing love, He keeps this a secret. However, this means that we should live every day as if it is our last.

As we pick up our text, we understand that Paul was in his first imprisonment in Rome - but he didn't know it was his first imprisonment. Quite likely, with the governmental approach to him and his faith, he could have felt like these would be some of his last words on earth. Paul had little way of knowing that he would be released and minister for another 5-years BEFORE he would be imprisoned a second time, to be found guilty, and beheaded by Nero.

Taking into account the letters he wrote from the Roman prison and add to it the affection and urgency of those letters, you get the feeling that with every words he wrote he was leaving his legacy. More than anything else, he wanted Christ to be the centerpiece in the lives of those disciples and the church.

The lesson for us is how Paul weaves together his heart for the gospel as well as the spread of the gospel. Briefly, let consider 3 concepts which Paul offers the church at Colossae.

Partnership in the gospel - First look at all the people the Apostle mentions and brings into his camp. He mentions Tychicus, Onesimus, Aristarchus, Mark, Justus (Jesus), Epaphras, Luke, Demas and the one lady - Nympha. Here's what Paul knew; the world without Jesus was helpless and hopeless and the gospel of Jesus was and is the only hope. He knew that no one could do the job by themselves - in other words - ''They needed each other.''

In what he thought might be his final words, he used those words to pull people together as partners in this great work. Paul heart was to encourage all believers everywhere (Coloss ...

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