by Jerry Watts

A National Emergency
Jerry Watts
Colossians 4:2-6

(PLAY EAS CLIP) - Most of us recognize this sound and in our minds we hear these words, ''This is a test of the Emergency Broadcast System. This only a test. Had this been an actual emergency, you would have been instructed to turn to a station near you.'' The EAS, when used, calls an alert to all people that danger is imminent. Now, If we came in one day and heard this sound (play again), and heard the announcer begin to tell us that we have a national emergency and tell us what to do, I believe, we would listen and respond. Why? Because we would know that we were in danger.

Dear folks, this morning you have heard the sound of an emergency and I don't believe 'this is a test.' I deeply believe that we are living in an actual national state of emergency. Let me offer you some reasons why ''I BELIEVE'' this. We WONDER why our culture is falling apart, let me argue - .

VISUAL AIDS - 24-45 (Builder) - 65%, 46-64 (Boomers) - 35%, 65-79 (Bridger or Gen X- 16%, 80-00 (Millennials or Gen Y) - 4%. 88% of children who are raised in ''Christian families'' will leave the church at age 18 - NEVER TO RETURN AGAIN. (The results of these truth are devastating)

- A majority of adults no longer believe America to be a Christian nation.
- The Millennials (you know the one from which only 4% are believers) are the LARGEST!
- In 2008, they elected Barak O'bama as President (66-32% - Greatly Impacted the election)
- 65% of these will cohabitate before marriage,
- They will become the MOST EDUCATED generation in history.
- They are marrying later if at all (women 20 - 25, men 23 - 27 since 70's)
- They are not religious! (They'll say they are spiritual but not religious - can't verbalize beliefs)

While all of this is happening, this culture has disintegrated. Truth has evaporated, trust has eroded, ethics have become a thing of the past, and students have no idea of what it takes.

When it gets to the ''Where we ...

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