by Ernest Easley

The Secret to Spiritual Awakening
Ernest L. Easley
2 Chronicles 29-30

Vance Havner, one of the most quoted preachers of the 20th century, tells when he was a boy that his father would take him out in the country to an old-fashion mill operated by a water wheel. The stream would flow into the wheel, making it turn. That would operate the mechanism inside and the miller could grind his grain.

Now suppose the miller was to come one morning and find the creek was clogged. Without the water power, the wheel would not turn. He could shove the wheel, he could strain, he could call in the neighbors to help him, but it would be fruitless until he went up the creek and removed the hindrances: the dead logs and debris. Then the water would flow again, the wheel would turn and the miller would be back in business.

''I meet pastors and church workers all over the country straining and striving to make the wheels go around. I find church bulletins loaded with every kind of activity .. yet nothing is said about the need for repentance in the church. Isn't it about time that we first went up the creek, cleared the channel and removed the hindering debris of sin from our hearts and lives?''

The secret to spiritual awakening is going up creek and clearing out the debris that is robbing us from daily victory that's produced through Holy Spirit power.

Now turn with me to 2 Chronicles 29 where we find again not only a timeless word from God, but a timely word from God and it deals with spiritual awakening!

We have a saying we use, ''Man, he must be living right.'' My question is, ''what does a man do when he's living right?'' Well, we read in 2 Chronicles 29.2 in describing King Hezekiah, ''And he did what was right (blameless, honest, to go straight) in the sight of the LORD, according to all that his father David had done.'' Here's a man who was living right before God, but how? What did he do?

Well, before we look at what he did, keep in mind that in the Old T ...

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