by Marvin D. Patterson

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The Marks of a Mighty Church (2 of 2)
Series: The Marks of a Mighty Church
Marvin Patterson
1 Thessalonians 1:1-10

ILL.- The sermon was longer than usual on this particular Sunday morning. Little Johnny was getting more restless by the minute. Finally, in what was supposed to be a whisper, Johnny blurted out, ''IF WE GIVE HIM THE MONEY NOW WILL HE LET US LEAVE!''

ILL.- That's like the church service where the preacher had delivered a long, dry sermon. The preacher announced that he wanted to meet with the board after the service. The first man to show up was not a board member. The preacher said, ''I'm sorry, but you must have misunderstood. This is a meeting of the board.''

''I know,'' said the man, ''but if there is anyone here more bored than I am, I'd like to meet him.''
We are studying the marks of a mighty church! This church was planted by Paul, Silas, and Timothy on Paul's second missionary journey. Paul went into the synagogues for three straight Sabbaths and preached the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ! Some of the Jews were saved, but the Synagogue rulers were upset because they were losing members from Judaism to Christianity. So these lewd Jews, as they were called stirred up the people against Paul! It got so bad that Paul and his missionary team had to flee the city under the cover of darkness to go to the next city which was Berea. Shortly thereafter, Paul sent young Timothy back to see the state of the church, fearing that false teachers may have crept in and devoured the young church. Timothy came back and informed Paul that the church at Thessalonica was flourishing, and doing well. That gladdened the heart of Paul, and he wrote this epistle to inform them in the things of God!
AS we only introduced the book last week, we will see the marks of a mighty church. Any church would do well do study this epistle and learn the traits that characterized this wonderful church. There are ten qualities of a gre ...

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