by Jeff Strite

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Are You a Fan or a Follower? (1 of 6)
Series: Not a Fan
Jeff Strite
John 6:28-69

A man named Charlie Moore moved into a new community with his family. He wanted to make friends, so he joined the local softball league. In the opening game Charlie took his family to the park and he went to join his team.
Charlie got up to bat, set his feet, squared his shoulders… and as the ball came across the plate, he missed it by a mile. The crowd groaned.
But one voice could be heard over the den of people: ''You can do it, Mr. Moore!''
The second pitch came and again he swung wildly and missed, and again the voice could be heard. ''You can do it Mr. Moore!''
The third pitch - swung again and the voice cried: ''That's OK Mr. Moore!''
When the game was over, the family got into their car, and as the made their way down the road, the dad turned to his son and said: ''Was that you that yelled out 'You can do it Mr. Moore'?''
When his son admitted that it was indeed his voice the dad said he appreciated his son's encouragement, but he wondered ''But, why did you call Mr. Moore?''
''Well,'' the boy said, ''I didn't want anyone to know I was related to you.''

For the next few Sundays our sermon series will be based on a very famous study series by Ken Idleman entitled ''Not A Fan''. In that series, he points out that in any church there people he'd called ''Followers of Christ'' and there are others he would call mere ''Fans.''
Fans are the folks who only go to church. They don't really DO much for Jesus because they have other priorities. These people were happy to show up and shout out encouragement at church but they really don't ACT like they were related to Christ.
They willing to shout out ''You can do it Jesus''… and that's about it.

That's the difference between a between a FAN and FOLLOWER.
A Fan just shows up.
They'll stay as long as it benefits them, but if it doesn't benefit them to hang around… they usually don't. As long as they're happy they'll ...

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