by J.D. Greear

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Why Am I Not Happy? (1 of 4)
Series: Question Everything - Psalms
JD Greear
Psalm 1

We're starting a short series today on the book of Psalms... We're going to see how this Old Testament book written 3000 years ago deals with some of the most poignant existential questions that we ask today. The first question is ''Why am I not happy?''

A lot of us are thinking about the (shall we say) enigma of happiness with the tragic death of Robin Williams-a guy who spent his life making others happy but was apparently so unhappy in his own life that he chose to take it (and I know there were some neurological and clinical issues to his depression that I'm not trying to brush over-very sad situation). But it's made a lot of people think about that: what does it mean to be happy?

- I don't know if you saw this week that Lauren Bacall, who was the last of the ''golden era'' Hollywood actresses (with people like Humphrey Bogart, Judy Garland) died on Wednesday.... and the article I was reading talked about how all her life she went through cycles of happiness and despair.

Can you be truly happy in life? Let me ask you-Are you happy?

- I talked to one Christian girl, very active in the church, who said, ''I'm not sure I've ever been totally happy.''

- Maybe you go up and down: Happy one moment, but not the next...

- Or, let me ask the question a different way: If life didn't change at all for you from this moment forward: your situation didn't improve; your marital status didn't change; your career didn't progress; your body didn't feel any better... could you be happy with life?

Google auto-complete verifies that this is a pressing question (whenever I want to know what everyone really thinks, I see how Google auto-completes my questions...)

[screenshot of google auto-complete showing: typing: how can I be how can I be happy how can I be sure how can I be saved how can I become a bawlaa lyrics how can I be pretty] (Full disclosure: I was actually loo ...

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