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Does My Life Have a Purpose? (4 of 4)
Series: Question Everything - Psalms
J.D. Greear
Psalm 57

WELCOME: If you are just joining us, we are at the end of a 4-week series on the book of Psalms called Question Everything, in which we're seeing how an ancient collection of songs engages some of our most pressing questions today.

Week 1: Can I be Happy? Week 2: Is Something Wrong with Me? Week 3: Will Life Ever Get Better? WEEK 4: ''Does God have a purpose for my life?'' I want you to think about this question very personally-not, ''Does God have a purpose for the world?'' But does God have a purpose for you, specifically... for your life, and how can you know what it is?

Few things in life are as important as finding your purpose. When you understand something's purpose, you can put up with all kinds of inconvenience and pain because of it.

- For example, say your boss asks you to come in one Saturday morning to open up a stack of 10,000 envelopes and sort through the contents. No overtime pay-just weekend work. You'd be resentful... that would feel like the worst weekend ever! But if he or she told you that in one of those letters was a $100,000 bonus check, for you, and you needed to find it, opening each of those envelopes you'd be opening them like wonka bars. Same tedious job; the difference is in your sense of purpose.

- Or how about this: Trying being a doctor and tell a woman that she's got a condition that is going to make her waistline grow 10 inches and gain 30 lbs over the next few months, and she'll likely punch you in the face. But my wife has heard that 4 time and she rejoiced at the news, because that means they are pregnant! Again: The conditions are the same; the difference is the perception of purpose!

Knowing that God has a purpose for you would transform how you see everything in your life-what you do with your blessings; how to interpret your pain. So how can you discover that purpose for you?

Psalm 57

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