by Jerry Watts

The Normal Christian Life
Jerry Watts
Colossians 2:6-15

When you hear the word 'normal', what does it mean? In my lifetime, I have witnessed a push-back against the term ''normal.'' The sarcastic questions from those who believe themselves to be more enlightened, ''Who is to say what is normal?'' Well, the question that follows might be ''What does it mean to be average?'' So how about some interesting stats?

A surprising humorous book by Tom Heymann entitled, IN AN AVERAGE LIFETIME

Did you know that the average blood pressure is 130/84?
Did you also know that the average major league batting average is 280?

The average American will earn over $1.2 million; however, he'll pay $178,000 in taxes.
The average American will drive 413,000 miles and waste 9 months sitting in traffic.
The average American will spend 49 hours seeing doctors and 64 hours waiting to see them.
The average person spend over 13 years watching television; change channels over 325,000 times
The average American will, 5 years waiting in line and spend 3 years in meetings.
On an average, celebrate 74 birthdays, receive 333 birthday presents,
The average American will eat 1,279 pounds of snack food of which 443 pounds of potato chips.
The average American will have 60 cavities filled and have 11 teeth extracted;
The average American during his lifetime will spend 7 years in the bathroom.
The average American woman will weigh herself during her lifetime 8,491 times and the average American man will weigh himself 9,815 times!

We'll spend 24 years of sleeping and have at least 1,947 nightmares.

The average American man will spend 126 hours in his lifetime crying, of which the average American woman will spend 476 hours crying. Probably over those same men who aren't crying.

It is also true that the average American in his lifetime will laugh over 410,000 times.

I thought that might help! However, the average is markedly different from the norm. Average is ...

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